Ok, so you just invested a few months worth of income into the handbag of your dreams.  Now you need to learn how to clean a luxury handbag and how to keep it in perfect shape!  I don’t keep all of my designer handbags–selling and trading for new ones that excite me as seasons change.   The key to getting the most from a handbag is to keep it in great condition.  I have had bags in the past that I sold for 3 or 4 times more than I paid from them.  I paid my mortgage this way during the great recession, landscaped my front yard, paid for college and traveled on a few dozen trips from cleaning out my closet.

Back in the day, I was part of a purse collectors group called ALVA we all loved the Multicolor Louis Vuitton that had just launched but it was a real pain to keep clean.  I learned so many tips from those girls back then.  It is where I first learned about Fashionphile-the premier reseller of designer bags- who back then was just an eBay seller.  Today they are a huge company that I use to find sold-out bags and to sell bags I just don’t have that lovin feeling for anymore.

8 Tips on How to Clean a Luxury Handbag by popular California fashion blog, Haute Beauty Guide: Image of a pink Gucci hand bag and two bottles of Fashionphile Clean Protect Renew handbag cleaner and conditioner.

8 Tips on How to Clean a Luxury Handbag

  1. Keep bags away from denim, books, magazines, basically anything that can transfer to the leather.  I have had a ton of Louis Vuitton Vernis leather wrecked this way.  I keep most of my bags up off the floor, too!
  2. Store bags full of tissue paper or bubble wrap to help keep the shape.
  3.  Keep your zippers working smoothly by running a piece of natural beeswax over a zipper’s open teeth.
  4. Avoid the rain or pool/beach.  Most leathers will spot in the rain; my Hermes Birkin even came with a rain cover!
  5. Regularly clean the exterior of your bag. Weekly: wipe the exterior of your bag with a lent free cloth. Monthly: Wipe bags clean with Fashionphile Clean Protect Renew to remove any stains or dirt.  Follow up with the Total Leather Care conditioner.
  6. Store bags in the dust covers.  This helps keep the leather from scratching or drying out.
  7. Store bags on a shelf not on hangers!  A hanger can stretch out handles or worse warp them into a weird shape. I keep all my bags on lower shelves in my closet to keep them away from the heat of the top shelves.
  8. Use cosmetic bags or small clutch to hold anything that might leak in your bag.  I keep pens, perfumes, and lipsticks in a small cosmetic pouch.

Do you own any luxury handbags?  Share in a comment below!

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